Free wedding, Renewal of Vows - Roses ceremony in Santorini.

                             CELEBRATION OF LOVE IN WEDDING STYLE             

A turkish legend says, the red rose arised from the love of the nightingale to the white rose.

The bird clinged himself so tightly to the flower that he got injured on her thorns. The blood

stained the white rose and turned her, into red. Since that day, it is a symbol of love, and

everybody has love inside, the protective energy. Therefore we prefer to celebrate the love of

roses on the beautiful island of Santorini.

For a scenery, there is the Caldera, or the open sea. Dark blue water, light blue church domes,

snow - white houses and many steep stairs.... who lead us to heaven.

Roses Ceremony  - romantic love declaration:


A renewed commitment provides for many couples the opportunity to celebrate a wedding as
they always wanted. Why they have never done it? Because there are other strong feelings,

 such as: respect to the parents, friends and belonging - the most victorious.

A rose ceremony by the sea or at the Caldera is similar to a wedding. The difference is that  

the leading role plays the couple themselves. As part of the ceremony, the couple give each

other their mutual promise with there own words during the ring exchange. And when they are

asked - (we  turn the wheel of time back now)- Do you want to get married again? As touchy

they answer to these words and it seal symbolically the bond of marriage?  - As romantic

the ceremony ends...

Programme of the ceremony:

On table decorated with white roses (they are symbolic elements),Your personal Thalismane,

and a bowl of rose petals. Eventual the ceremony begins with music and singing. After a few

introductory words and blessings of the Rings, you are telling each other your new vow or bond

of love and in the end you exchange your rings.

Duration 30-45 min photoshooting takes about 1 hour.


                               Price: 580.-€ incl:

                               - planing the ceremony

                               - implementation of the ceremony

                               - booking of the location

                               - ceremony venue basic decoration

                              -  mini bouquet and buttonhole

                              -  1bottle nobel greek wine

                              -  Memorial Certificate


     Wedding terrasse extra. 400-800.-€   link: location