Terms and Conditions

The services we provide remain in our intellectual property, until full payment of the entire
object of the contract. In particular, the client is not entitled, without my aprovement to realize any plans created from me.
The customer note that within the services contract only, consultancy, organization and implementation are provided.

If most of the suppliers such as accommodation, Restaurant, Flower shop owners, musicians, donkey holder, etc. are not in a position to conclude the contract, the client note that the contractor will comply with the service agred with the client.
In addition to bad fulfillments by individual suppliers, the Contractor not held responsible for.


The customer in princip has the right - corresponding cancellation conditions - witholraw.

For the event at the resignation of 45 days, are 15% of the organisation fees, and the actual resignation cost of the suppliers due.

Contractor shall under thorough entitled proof or under special events withalraw from contract.

In fall no cancellation cos to pay! Except if they a replacement organizer in demand take.


The Contractor takes in the context of the regulatious of this contract liability, for their own cervice. Faulty execution by third, or of information, and recommendations are not due to the Contracting authority.

For damage liable the Contractor shall be in principle only, when in the context of the statutory regulations it is demonstrated. In case certified absence the Contractor committed provide via appropriate representation, - as far as possible!

A possible substitution list is part of the contract.


Contractor: Maria Varga

Contracting: the nubile couple